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UPDATE: Just so our members are aware, the rifle and pistol range will not be available on Tuesday nights for at least a couple weeks. We are a little short on range officers. There may be someone available to R.O. Tuesday nights. But, for now we are not going to schedule the rifle/pistol range to be open on Tuesday nights. Please feel free to call and check in to see if there is an R.O. available. We will let you know when this temporary inconvenience changes!
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Update on our operation days and hours.

We are pleased to advise that DSC will return to normal operations effective this Sunday May 31. What does this mean exactly?

Beginning May 31 the DSC will be open every Sunday from 09:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. and every Tuesday from 5 p.m. until dark. Yes, this includes holidays.

The monthly general membership meetings will resume and be held on the last Thursday of each month at 7 p.m..

We will resume selling daily memberships to those that are not annual or life members already.

The clubhouse will be open but, seating will be limited in order to support the recommended social distancing guidelines. No meals will be served but, prepackaged beverages, pizza and snacks will be available for purchase.

The rifle and pistol range capacity will contiue to be limited as well and, should customers exceed capacity then, at the discretion of the Range Officers and/or Board members on duty, time limits on range usage may be instituted in order to provide opportunities for all who attend a chance to use the range. We ask for your cooperation should this action be necessary.

The purchase of handgun ammo will continue to be limited as stated in our previous reopening post.

Spring trap league was canceled but, Summer Trap League will officially begin on Tuesday June 16 as previously scheduled. We hope that those that didn't get to shoot spring league will join us in the Summer league. The league will last 10 weeks as usual.

ATM will be available for use.

Hand sanitizer will be available in all shooting areas and in the clubhouse. We encourage customers to use this hand sanitizer prior to entering the clubhouse, before and after shooting and before exiting.

Again, we remind our customers that the people working at DSC are volunteers. Please be mindful that they are following the instructions that the DSC Board of Directors have deemed necessary at this time. They do not care about your opinions with regard to these guidelines and they do have the right to refuse service to those that are behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner.

Once again, please practice the recommended social distancing protocol while on the DSC property.

It's likely that the annual club picnic will be canceled this year but, it will be postponed for certain. Stay tuned to our web page, FB page and postings at the club for updates to the previously scheduled club important dates.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during these challenging times. We hope that you enjoy your time at the DSC exercising your 2nd amendment rights.

Respectfully, the DSC Board of Directors
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Please see the following details regarding our soft- reopening starting May 17 2020.

We are happy to advise that the DSC (Delavan Sportsmens Club) will be opening in a reduced capacity on Sunday May 17.

* Until further notice, DSC hours of operation will be Sundays only, from 09:00 - 4 p.m..

* We will not be opening on Tuesdays until further notice. We will continue to monitor the developments locally and provide updates on Tuesday capabilities in the future.

* Spring trap league has been canceled for 2020. Stay tuned for updates on Summer trap league and when it might begin. We hope that those of you who wanted to shoot spring league will join us in shooting our Summer or Fall leagues.

* Note, The facilities will only be available to Life or Annual Members (paid in full for the year 2020). We will not be selling daily memberships until further notice.

* Annual and Life memberships will be available for purchase at the normal fees of $35 and $350 respectively.

* There will be no ATM available. Cash and check will be accepted.

* The clubhouse will NOT be open. Sales will be transacted via a walk-up window on the East end of the clubhouse for token, range pass, ammo and membership sales.

* The kitchen will be closed. Beverages and prepackaged snacks will be sold thru a walk up window on the west end of the clubhouse porch area.

* Rifle range - the range will be staffed as usual with DSC Range Officers. Capacity at the range will be limited to 12 shooters. Due to this limit, shooting times may be limited at the discretion of the DSC Range Officers and/or DSC Board Members on Duty. We will try and afford all of those members wanting to shoot the best possible experience in the time allowed.

* Ammo sales - Sale of handgun ammo will be limited to Members only and limited to one box of each caliber per member per visit. Multiple boxes of the same caliber ammo will not be sold during the same day to the same member.

* Hand sanitizer and surface sanitizer will be available for use in all the shooting areas. The DSC management encourages all members to utilize the sanitary measures provided prior to and after shooting and before leaving the club.

* The DSC would ask all members in attendance to please practice the recommended social distancing suggestions while on site at the DSC. Please be respectful of other member's space and maintain the proper distance of at least 6 feet of separation.

* Finally, we ask that those members who choose to voluntarily patronize the DSC to be respectful of these new requirements and to be respectful to those that are voluntarily working at the club to assist you in participating in the shooting sports we've all be waiting to enjoy. The people working are volunteers. They are not interested in your opinions on the political aspects of these precautionary measures. These volunteers reserve the right to refuse service to you should they deem your actions to be unsportsmanlike. Simply put, if you want to enjoy the facilities and the shooting sports offered then, respect the new requirements and keep the negative commentary to yourself or, please don't come to the club.

We hope that you can appreciate our concern for our members and the club during these times and ask for you to be patient as this situation evolves. We will keep you updated as things change.

Until then, we are anxious to see all of our members at the club once again and enjoying our 2nd amendment rights!

Take care, The DSC Board of Directors
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To all our members. The Club will re-open this Sunday. With that being said there will be some new (temporary) rules in place. I will post more by the end of the day tomorrow. We will be doing our best to follow CDC guidelines to the best of our ability. Please feel free to message us here on Facebook, or you can e-mail me directly at nitrouspigchip@gmail.com

Thank you

-Chip Brunswick
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News and Updates

We are happy to advise that the DSC (Delavan Sportsmens Club) will be opening in a reduced capacity on Sunday May 17. Until further notice, DSC hours of operation will be Sundays only, from 09:00 – 4 p.m. See our Facebook post above or Online Facebook Posting for details!


** Don’t forget special pricing of 2- trap or skeet tokens and 2-boxes of shells for $20 ** (12 or 20 gauge only)


Ammunition >> Don’t forget the club sells ammo and reloading supplies for shotguns, rifles and pistols.